So famous it is just called “the street”: Bağdat Street

Bağdat Street is where the heart of the city beats on the Anatolian side since history. Bağdat Street, or as the Turkish would say “Cadde”, is one of Istanbul’s longest streets (9 km). It was named after Sultan Murad IV took this route while leaving for the Battle of Baghdad. However, it became one of the elite streets of the city during Sultan Abdülhamit II’s reign. The merchants, pashas, senior officers wanting to live close to the Sultan’s palace built mansions and manors in the area. You can still see some of these buildings there today. Bağdat Street is actually more than just a street. It is the perfect place to meet, socialise, and hang out with plenty of options for shopping, dining and entertainment. According to a survey carried out by a French company, it is the world’s top 4th street to shop, coming before Paris’s Champs-Élysées and New York’s 5th Avenue.



Istanbul for beginners: Divan Yolu Street

Also known as the tramway road, Divan Yolu Street lies between Sultanahmet Square and Beyazıt Square and resembles an open air museum. Both sides of the street are crowded with tourist shops, historical structures, lodges, mosques, madrasas and museums. Çemberlitaş Column and the mausoleums of the sultans are few of the historical structures you must see. These historical sites make this street a place that must be visited while in Istanbul.



The street where you can find the world: Istiklal

İstiklal Caddesi, Street, or Cadde-i Kebir, (Grand Street, French: Grande Rue de Péra) has been one of the world’s most important streets since the 19th century. It is like a river flowing both ways, crowded with people every hour of the day. This is only one of the characteristics that make it so unique. This street offers all kinds of people, those from the West and East, the rich and poor, a place to wander, shop and eat and drink, with entertainment too! You can spend a whole day just walking the street from one end to the other without losing fascination. You can also find passages full of cheap stores selling brands from all over the world. Don’t leave Istanbul without visiting Istiklal Street and seeing its nostalgic tram, the Markiz Patisserie, Odakule, Suriye Passage, Terkos Çıkmazı, Aznavur, Krepen, Hacopulo and Çiçek Passages, Galatasaray High School, the mosque, cinema, churches and much more.



Introduction to Etiler Philosophy: Nisbetiye Street

Nisbetiye Street is busy every hour of the day. Just walking past the street, you’ll get the chance to see some celebrities of Istanbul. It has entertainment venues in every corner. It is also famous for its world-renowned brands, parks and night-life. You can also dine in world-famous restaurants like P.F. Changs, Eataly and Wagamama.



A sight to see: Ordu Street

One of the main streets of the historical peninsula, Ordu Street is where Istanbul’s most important tramway road is. The first university of Turkey, Istanbul University, and Sultan Selim III’s mausoleum are the significant historical structures on this street which lies from east to west along the historical peninsula. Ordu Street, one of Istanbul’s most important tourist and trade gates opening to the world, is also where you can find many textile companies.



Streets of brands and boutiques: Osmanbey Street

Named after Osmanbey district, this street is one of Istanbul’s busiest streets full of lovely places to shop and eat. With its great new look after urban transformations, the street is frequented by domestic and foreign wholesalers. Osmanbey Street will be hosting retail sales discounted to wholesale prices for a weekend during the Istanbul Shopping Fest.



An elegant street: Valikonağı

Valikonağı’s existence is like the definition for elegance. You can see grace in everything: its buildings, pavements, residents, stores and cafés. Other famous and elegant streets also pass through Valikonağı such as Abdi İpekçi and Teşvikiye. Just like Rumeli Street, Valikonağı is one of the best places to enjoy the day and night of Istanbul, with its lovely restaurants and stores of world-famous brands.

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