Antep işi is a kind of processing which is widely used by the people of Gaziantep and has an important place in our culture. Although the date of its first construction is unknown, it is presumed that its origins have been based on many years. It has come from preserving its day-to-day character and has only changed its usage areas. The high value of the touristic value has always benefited the local people from the economic side.

Antep işi; applied to fabrics that can be pulled, is a type of processing in which yarns are counted and some are cut and various openings are processed and the edges of the motifs are enriched with silk. Embroideries on silk, satin, crepe, linen and other fabrics are produced with silk threads after a difficult process.

As a fashion embroidery, we are making denture production of antep işi. We produce traditional antep işi embroideries that are attached to young girl dowries such as bedding sets, room suites, head coverings and mansion covers.

Moreover, we work diligently in the protection of Traditional Turkish Handicrafts, give life to old and worn products, prevent further wear and make it usable and storable.

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