LUCE CONCEPT JEWELS is a designer and producer company which has established in 01.03.2016 by Maral Yiğit and Bahadır Bahçeli in Parma, Italy. Maral Yiğit and Bahadır Bahçeli after they graduated from the university, they chose jewelry design as their profession which was always a passion and they created Luce Concept Jewels in Italy to be a brand and to present their designs to the World.
LUCE CONCEPT JEWELS is making distributions in all over Europe with company reppresentatives directly to the shops with its own brand.
The goal of the company is to create always the best concept on jewelry market with the company’s special jewelry designs and to stay always focused on customer satisfaction.

The new collection samples are always being served firstly in Luce Concept Store in Parma,Italy to observe the customer reactions.
The models which has the best reactions are being distributed to the Luce Concept sales points as collections.

The Brand while making the new models and colour combinations pays attention to the fashion. For this reason they are a good choice for the customers who are following the fashion, keeping up with the new trends and combining their outfit with jewelry.

LUCE CONCEPT JEWELS is now in over 300 shops mostly in Italy then in France, Spain, England, Greece, Kazakhstan, Australia and Romania.
The Goal of the brand is to increase the number of shops and to create new sales points in the countries that isn’t serving now. And to become an international brand.

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