Grandbazaar, which has the title of “the Oldest Historical Bazaar of the World” with its 555 years of old history, is an enclosed box – as expressed by poets . It perseveres to host 2500 shops, 15.000 shopkeepers, about one  hundred crafts, and in average 300.000 visitors with thousands ofvarious products in a 47.000 meters square market place for five and a half centuries every day.  AS the statistical data shows that 90% of the tourists visiting Istanbul stop by Grandbazaar. On the other hand, it is obvious that almost all local tourists walk in the streets of the Grandbazaar, breathe in its historical scent, and buy presents for their loved ones from the shiny shops of this invaluable place.

Therefore, Grandbazaar is not only a historical heritage and trust,  but it is the centre of  trade and shopping,. Thus,  it is Istanbul’s heart , too.


Well-established firms maintain what the ancestors started as the to descendants between generations; maintains their old neighbourhood relationships without considering race, religion, and sect differences with association and solidarity here; serve as a model to the new ones. At the same time, it is a house of which is centuries old preserved  by a family from the youngest to the eldest.

It is not possible to find the array of the goods and products, which are oriented in Grandbazaar, in any other place on earth. Goods which are available for everybody and every budget that are on sale  found in the shops in Grandbazaar. Mysticism prevails its walls. This old and exhausted building could be left standing despite earthquakes and fires.  Grandbazaar became the heart of Istanbul, established by Mehmed the Conqueror’s edict.

And how beautiful it is to be lost in Grandbazaar… A man can enter through its 22 doors, and shouldn’t be upset by getting lost in this trading centre with 61 streets. Since timewould be spent in Grandbazaar as assumed to be like a journey to the values we love. A man would like to own one’s own lost.

To enjoy being lost in Grandbazaar, you would like to visit Grandbazaar in one of the most important Festival Shopping Fests! Own your historical values!



Grandbazaar Activity and Exhibition Map

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