Esra Var Taylaner

Designer Esra Var Taylaner was born in 1984 and has studied Television and Cinema followed by several years of practical experience in Public Relations.

Her knowledge as a hard working employee in social media and her constructive character initiated her to launch her own brand EVAkidz.
The innovative creations are a unique deliberation of her cutting edge stitches conjoined with her inconceivable imagination.

Growing up in a big, colourful and inventive household influenced the base of her lifelong dream of designing life changing children’s clothes.
EVAkidz is a reflection of her passion resulting in a perfect collection of creative, beautiful, facetious and pretentious fashion for children!

The first creation of Esra Var Taylaner’s haute couture designs wer born in 2016 and growing expeditiously like the ‘kidz’ it has been designed for!

Her confidence in her assemblage of pieces are simultaneously a daydream of every mother for their little girl to wear.
Sparkling pieces of tutus, frills, laces and her glorious detail into fabricating brightly coloured designs make every fancy party to a spectacular event.

The basic idea to dress up little princess’ has blossomed naturally to dress up little prince’ for the new season as well, dont miss it!

Matching up little princess’ and price’ with mummy-queen, has conducted in a brand new combined look with special details and accessories for a unique result!

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