A flavour to suit everyone,
Istanbul’s unique cuisine…

Istanbul is a labyrinth for those who want to lose themselves and a compass for those want to find themselves.

Each street in Istanbul has the breeze of a whole new climate and the sun of different lands. The Black Sea, East, South-east, Aegean, Mediterranean… Cuisines from locations thousands of kilometres apart could only be found side-by-side in a city like Istanbul.

If you’re looking to eat some fresh fish overlooking the Bosporus, enjoying the salty air of the sea, skilled chefs are ready to host you… But the Bosporus is not the only place you can enjoy some good fish, sometimes you can find the perfect flavours in a family restaurant cramped in a corner of a street full of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Let’s say your looking to enjoy some tasty kebab after shopping at Istiklal Street, the heart of the city… You could either eat some döner kebab watching the crowd pass by on Istiklal Street or you could find a historical restaurant to relish Bursa kebab, Urfa kebab or Adana kebab… If you’re feeling like eating something different, with a bit more dough in it, then you could go by Sultanahmet and enjoy some lahmacun, meaty quickbreak, pide watching the lovely historical view or you can go to Kadıköy to eat some börek or mantı – all great examples of magnificent Turkish cuisine.

Istanbul also offers a great deal of variety to vegans and vegetarians…  But there’s more! Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you should still taste authentic Turkish cuisine cooked with olive oil such as stuffed vegetables, stuffed vine leaves, veggie patties or fresh beans, kidney beans and broad beans.

A meal will never be complete unless you get a taste of great desserts; try some sweet pastry like baklava, kadayıf and lokma or some creamy ones like sütlaç, kazandibi and keşkül! You can burn your calories off by taking a stroll along the historical peninsula or climbing up Çamlıca.

You can start your day with the traditional Turkish bagel ‘simit’ with cheese and a cup of tea and finish the night off with a hot bowl of soup after you’ve left the night club. You probably won’t but if you do miss the kind of food you’re familiar with, you can find all sorts of international cuisine in every corner of Istanbul. You’ll find plenty of options such as Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian cuisine.  

Let it be traditional Turkish cuisine or international cuisine you’re looking for or a small corner restaurant to stop by or a high-end luxurious one, no doubt you’ll find amazing flavours to relish in a warm atmosphere, served by friendly staff in Istanbul.

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