Capitol, which aims to offer the newest and the best all the time with 24 years shopping center experience, underscores the change with the architectural renovation completed this year. Makes understand “Capitol has changed but never changed” motto as new identity, completing the compact structure with surprise changes.

Renovated cinema Spectrum, the food and beverage area The Loft, the Captune Word children’s entertainment center that presents a whole new experience for children and the new brands that are added to the stores that are hosted, Capitol welcomes Istanbul Shopping Fest with its new face.


Capitol Spectrum Cineplex

In Capitol’s renovated cinemas, uninterrupted sight line and latest sound technology meet the most beautiful view of Istanbul. It is also very comfortable to watch the movie and also the advertisement is also 5 minutes at the Spectrum Cineplex, which offers cinematic experience on the open-air terrace accompanied by a view of the islands. The Spectrum Cineplex offers 10 cinemas and a VIP cinema hall for 19 people, giving cinema lovers a unique experience.


The tastes which open to the View, in the LOFT

Capitol the Loft is now on the top floor, with food and drink brands ranging from gastronomic tastes to fast food varieties. Food Loft’s breathtaking terraces are among the hallmarks of the new face of the Capitol.

The Loft

Captune World- A New Gaming Experience

Captune World is a special children’s area that brings children who are accustomed to city life closer to nature without being caught by the city; A creative children’s play center consisting of city, ocean and forest and concept offers a different experience with edutainment area. In Captune World, which center on the relationship between children and play, children are moving, exploring, playing, creating and making friends. It’s the newest meeting point for children and their families with four different playgrounds and Party Room.

Captune World

The award-winning shopping

In Capitol, which adds new brands to the mix of elite stores, shopping is also very enjoyable. Award-winning application that transforms the comfort shopping with “Capgetir service”. During the fest, the guests new season shopping transform to the enjoyment. If you cannot find any size or color in the Capitol stores, the product will be delivered to you within 2 hours free of charge from a different store in Istanbul.

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